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Work-From-Home Solutions for Your Business

For many of us, our idea of the workplace transformed overnight. At one point we were commuting daily to a collaborative office space of face-to-face meetings and whiteboard brainstorms. Our Monday-through-Friday now consists of a solo adventure from the bed to the make-shift home office, monitoring Wi-Fi connection and managing video calls while looking presentable from the waist up. The flexibility of working remote has its benefits, but there is no denying the transition has been hard. Business and personal life are blending into one. That’s a difficult hill to climb (even if the “lunchroom” is only ten feet and a few stair steps away from the “conference room”).

Our approach? We’re embracing the blurry in-between, together.

We’re staying in touch with each other. We’re checking in with you. We’re focusing on our communication and our relationships.

Let us help you stay connected with a personalized Work From Home Kit. Sure, we’re product people. But we believe it’s the message behind the product that matters most. There are tons of tiny details that go into creating a beautiful presentation – like the way a t-shirt is rolled (and not folded) to just perfectly display its featured logo upon box-opening, or protecting a pint glass from damage during transit with minor packaging material (as to say “hey! look at us, we care about minimizing waste”).

Kaye-Smith takes your distribution message to the next level, conducting in-house fulfillment services at our Portland and Seattle facilities with the protection of your end users’ data via our certified ISO and SOC 2 Type II audited security protocols – we’ll mind the little details, so you don’t have to. (Even the stuff you haven’t considered, like eliminating the potential risks of sharing a list of your employees’ home addresses with a third party.)

In support of your projects and programs for HR, sales and marketing, we’ll handle everything from concepts to distribution. Things like:

  • Product development and campaign management
  • Design services
  • Personalized print and merchandise
  • Scalable production, at no minimum
  • Elegant custom packaging
  • Secure data management
  • Rapid in-house fulfillment
  • Domestic and international shipping and logistics

Work breaks at the water cooler may be in the distant future. Until then, let us help you get the conversation started another way. We’re experts in what we do and we’d love to chat.

Talk soon,

The Kaye-Smith / Kore Group Family

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