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Vending Swag for Tweets: Using Vending Machines to Increase Brand Awareness

The idea is simple: free stuff for free promotion. One of the newer social media trends on the scene this year comes from Innovative Vending Solutions, a West Carrollton-based company which sells and rents vending machines which dispense free merchandise in exchange for promotion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

From Telus and the World Wildlife Federation to the UK based potato chip company, Walkers, businesses from all different corners of the market are onboarding this clever promotional tool. From an event marketing standpoint, these machines provide an incredibly robust, interactive design. These vending machines are popping up at events all over the world, including one at SWSX, a music, film and interactive conference in Austin, TX. Although the first sighting of the tweet-for-swag model is from 2012, the concept has exploded this year and it’s only gaining momentum as more news organizations report on this digital-age marketing device.

For more in-depth coverage of this trend, read EventMarketer’s take on where this trend is going and how you might be able to leverage brand exposure for swag.

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