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The Next Revolution in Advertising is…Direct Mail?

How many pop-up ads did you have to swat away like flies at a picnic the last time you were online? How many advertisements clutter the extra spaces of the websites you visit? If you’re like a lot of people, the numbers are significantly lower than they used to be.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a large upswing in the use of ad-blocking software. Unwanted online advertising has long been viewed as an annoyance by internet users and has gotten increasingly intrusive as companies have discovered more ways to mine user data. A report recently released by Adobe and PageFair (a startup that helps companies recoup some of their lost ad revenue expenses) states that the worldwide use of ad-blocking software increased by 41% over the past year. On top of this, Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 release, due out next month, comes with the ability to use ad-blockers.

While this trend is probably welcomed by the average internet user, it is a real problem for companies that rely on digital marketing. According to the report, it adds up to a loss of almost $22 billion in advertising expenses.

Due partly to trends like this, direct mail marketing has been looking to be an increasingly attractive advertising channel. Among its advantages:

• An extremely high response rate: 3.7% for customers and 1.0% for prospects (compared to .62% for all digital channels combined)
• A lower volume of direct mail = less competition for attention
• Preferred by consumers over digital advertising (partly due to perceived privacy differences)
• Less intrusive than online ads
• More copy space to tell your story


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