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Statements: 5 Tips for Successful Communication with Consumers

Customer account statements are so much more than just a monthly payment reminder. At Kaye-Smith, we’re experts at getting the most out of this important marketing tool. Monthly statements are a recurring consumer touch point with big opportunities for upsell if you take full advantage of it. How can you make the most out of these documents? Start with these five tips and be sure to contact us to kick off your customized statement makeover today.

1. Reformat your statement. It might sound like an obvious place to start, but many companies fail to realize that simply reorganizing the information presented on monthly statements can save paper and therefore dollars. Cutting through text-heavy clutter with beautifully designed graphs is a great way to present confusing or complicated information to consumers while saving resources. Consumers may even spend more time digesting the information you?re sending them.

2. Personalize it. Our design experts love to utilize extra space for personalized, relevant messages that grab reader attention without being overly distracting from your key message. These messages may include birthday wishes, congratulatory consumer anniversary messages or other targeted messages. These extras can increase your share-of-wallet, build loyalty and reduce customer attrition.

3. Include marketing messages. With more space to play with on your statements, why not take advantage of the investment you?ve already made to connect with your consumer? Suggesting complimentary products or telling them about new services you offer is a perfect way to reduce marketing costs associated with creating a separate awareness campaign. This also reduces the amount of times you ping your consumer, increasing their attention span and their perceived importance of your messaging.

4. Be secure. Keeping your customers comfortable with the information they have given you is key. Today, so many companies are falling through the cracks when they try to manage data security themselves, exposing their weaknesses and losing consumer trust. A big slip-up can cause irreversible negative messaging around your brand and isn?t worth the overhead of keeping it in-house.

5. Go electronic. Going paperless is an increasingly popular option for consumers looking to cut down on mail. The cost savings of this offering are impossible to ignore. Kaye-Smith offers easy and user-friendly programs for implementing this option that are secure and simple. The same personalization options offered for paper statements are available, such as special alerts and emails to remind consumers to take a look at their statement.

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