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We’re Starting to Think About the Holidays

By Patti Morisset, Kaye-Smith Creative Merchandise Director

It may seem little strange to think about company holiday gifts in heart of summer, but now really is the time to consider them. After all, you don’t want to be the one who delivers last minute gifts to key customers or clients. They’ll say thank you, by could still feel like they were an afterthought. Exactly the opposite of what your business holiday gifts are trying to achieve!

Here are some ideas for holiday gifts that will leave a positive impression and help keep your brand top of mind.


Look on any desk around the office and you’re likely to see a coffee mug, water bottle or other vessel for that person’s favorite work-place beverage. But let’s be honest, if you just hand someone a coffee cup or travel mug, you’ll pretty much just get an unenthusiastic “thanks.”

You can turn that mug or other drinkware into an appreciated, impactful gift. Just fill it with candy and wrap it up in a clear cellophane bag, all tied up with a ribbon with your company logo printed on it. That simple mug is now a thoughtful, memorable gift with a little “wow” factor that shows you made some effort.

“We always give gift cards.”

It’s often easier to simply do the same thing you’ve always done. But that is unlikely to help you stand out and get the most from your holiday gifts. However, you don’t have to completely abandon the gift that some of your customers have come to anticipate.

Take gift cards for example. They’re often used as holiday gifts because they let the recipient have a role in selecting their specific gift. The problem is many people receive a lot of gift cards and don’t often remember who gave them the card when they get around to using it. There is a simple, effective solution.

Place the gift card in another item, such as a business card holder. Now you have a gift that will stay around and remind your customer or prospect of your thoughtfulness well after the holidays have come to an end.

People most appreciate things they can use.

People keep branded merchandise that is useful. Think about things we all have in our offices that we use regularly. A cup for pens and pencils? A calculator? A calendar?

When you think about it, you might be surprised how often you look at a printed calendar rather than on your phone or your computer. It’s typically more convenient. And if you can see multiple months at one time, you can easily determine the day of the week for a particular date without navigating away from what you were doing on your computer.

In short, you get a lot of impressions for your brand for very little cost. And if you deliver them in November, you’ll be one of the first to give out year-end gifts and you’ll get fourteen months of desktop presence! That’s a lot of exposure for you.

So, while you may be thinking more about summer fun than winter gifts, the time is now to start working on those year-end business gifts. Check out our branded merchandise site for more inspiration or give us call and we can help you find the products that fit your budget and your brand.

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