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Remote Collaboration and ePresentment tools online and gaining traction

Kaye-Smith’s Remote Collaboration offering gives customers (via internet connection) the freedom to create, edit, and modify customer-focused messages for immediate inclusion in their printed statements and other business-critical documents. Virtually any message types can be created, from simple text messages to mixed text and color graphics—with minimal IT involvement.

Remote Collaboration is a browser-based solution that extends Kaye-Smith Database department’s Exstream statement design and processing environment to customers’ desktops. Customers’ content experts – including marketing staff, legal professionals, copywriters, compliance officers, and proofreaders – can collaborate on content creation, without affecting design production parameters like document layout, data, output or operational controls.

The browser-based user interface integrates seamlessly with Kaye-Smith’s current Exstream application and provides access to the same design environment and database. There are no additional systems to maintain, and enhanced security features ensure data remains safe.

Kaye-Smith’s ePresentment platform provides customers a secure storage platform for electronic online documents. Statements, tax documents and daily notices are made available to our customers’ clients – via secure channels – online. These portals can be branded customer-specific, with their own web site’s look and feel. Advertisements and marketing messages for products and services are also available.

The eStatements are easy-to-read, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and compliant with government regulations (Reg. Z and Reg. D). Electronic notices (NSF notices, rate changes, balance alerts, delinquency notices) can also be presented electronically. Tax documents can also be stored and displayed along with other pertinent mission-critical documents.

Several of Kaye-Smith’s current customers in the financial arena are showing interest in moving to these exciting new technologies. Some will be converting from older eTechnologies and many are showing interest as a new offering to their client base.

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