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Outsourcing: A Scary Word with Big Payoff

Is your organization still managing statement processing, billing services and other customer communications in house?

Kaye-Smith is an industry leader in executing legal, financial and compliance driven document communications across many business types. Outsourcing this daunting and resource-heavy task to a company like ours can pay off, big time!

We have the necessary equipment and volume to mail statements cheaper and faster. With scale comes efficiency. Our volume of business has enabled us to invest in the industry’s best printers, mailing equipment and staff.  These resources offer huge cost savings to companies that currently use their own small department. Our resources enable us to print and mail at a cheaper cost due to the sheer volume we work with. With a majority of our clients based in the Northwest, our regionally based production facilities save mailing time and postage cost. Letting our industry experts handle your statements gives you more time to focus on delivering an excellent product to your customers.

You only pay for what you use. Sounds simple, right? Your cost is clear, based on volume and you never pay for resources you didn’t use. With an increasing amount of consumers opting for paperless statements, companies are finding a huge cost savings by outsourcing.

We’re data-processing experts. Our team of 16 programmers is experienced in working with virtually every industry platform.  Together with our document designers we’ll map the data in a meaningful way so customers receive documents that are easy to digest and understand.

We make the most out of this consumer touch point. Sending mail to the customer is an opportunity to connect with them. By redesigning your statements, we can save paper and optimize white space to market additional products. With the vast majority of consumers still opting for paper statements, our services can tailor a personalized message to celebrate their anniversary, birthday, or even offer complimentary products to the ones they currently use.

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