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Outfit Your Corporate Golf Tournament This Summer with Premium Promotional Products

It’s the season for company golf tournaments in the Pacific Northwest! As the weather gets nicer, corporate golf tournaments are a popular way to thank employees, entertain clients, and spend time in the community. What’s more, these events provide a vast green of marketing opportunities. From apparel to accessories to signage, Kaye-Smith offers quality logo products with visibility and staying power.

Here are a few considerations when selecting branded merchandise for company golf tournaments:

1. Be mindful of the audience. Are attendees hardcore golfers? If yes, custom ball markers and divot tools make sense. More likely, the majority of players will be amateurs or seasonal duffers. Your promotional products should be multi-functional and have broad appeal. Golf shirts, hats, wind breakers, and duffel bags are quality logo products that people appreciate whether they golf regularly or not.

2. Think beyond the event. Sure, golf towels and ball markers make sense for a golf tournament, but will those just end up in the bottom of someone’s golf bag after the event? Consider marketing products that function both on and off the golf course like sunglasses, umbrellas, or even socks.

3. Try to marry your brand and your promotional products. If you are a health care company, consider offering small first-aid kits. If you’re in the green sector, consider biodegradable golf tees. Food and beverage companies are wise to offer coolers, chocolate golf balls or BBQ sets as tournament prizes. Car dealerships can offer key chains or pouch holders for wallets and keys. There are great options for every industry, key is to think creatively.

Golf tournaments are a great marketing opportunity, but you need quality logo products and thoughtful branded merchandise to maximize your ROI. At Kaye-Smith, we have the experience to work with your company on creating a keepsake that is unique and effective for your brand. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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