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Optimize Your Direct Marketing Budget with the Right Partners for Marketing Strategy and Tactical Execution

Most marketing departments are running lean these days. That means companies are increasingly dependent on their external partners to develop marketing strategies as well as manage the tactical execution of their campaigns. While it may be tempting to have your agency manage the creation of all tactical deliverables, this can often be an expensive and time consuming way to get the work done.

To get the most from your marketing budget, you need your internal team and external partners focused on their core expertise. Typically, that means separating the strategic and revenue producing initiatives from tactical execution and deliverables.

A partner such as Kaye-Smith can handle the tactical deliverables and campaign execution in partnership with your agency for efficient marketing management. We bring deep experience in production and creative design. By working cooperatively, we can help your agency develop direct mail and web-to-mail marketing collateral that can be produced within your budget and timeline before you have spent unnecessary time and money developing the artwork.

It’s a straight-forward plan that saves you time and money. Your agency or internal creative team develops the branding, messaging, guidelines and key concepts, while Kaye-Smith takes that direction to extend the work into the rest of the campaign deliverables managing all aspects of production and campaign execution. You get the most from your budget and keep your strategic resources focused on what they do best. Strategy.

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