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Half Your Marketing Budget Might Be Going Down the Drain

Managing print and marketing supply chains requires expertise and labor that most companies simply do not have or cannot afford. That’s why finding a partner with the experience to flawlessly manage and execute fulfillment services is typically the most cost effective way to gain control of print and marketing assets to reduce waste and mitigate risks. The potential financial liability and embarrassment, especially for regulated industries such as banks, credit unions, health care, biotech and insurance, can cost more than the upfront investment in proper supply chain management. The resources saved in this process can then be reinvested into revenue-producing initiatives.

Even in our digital world, businesses invest a significant amount of money in printed materials, branded merchandise and brand marketing collateral. Many of these promotional products are produced in large quantities in order to take advantage of lower per unit costs, but these savings are often an illusion. According to a survey by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, as much as 50 percent of pre-produced promo items are wasted. More alarming, 84 percent of responders reported having sent obsolete, out-of-date materials to customers and prospects. That kind of waste and potential liability quickly evaporates any savings found through placing large orders.

Consolidating the production, storage and fulfillment of all marketing and operational assets in a single location allows all team members to easily locate the materials they need, order only the quantity that will be used and receive them quickly. Online customization gives them the ability to localize and personalize content while maintaining brand integrity and ensuring that messaging is consistent across the organization and that any regulatory requirements are met.

Kaye-Smith offers supply chain solutions that give our customers precisely that level of control over their printed materials, sales and marketing collateral, branded merchandise and more. Visit our website to learn more about how we save our clients time and money, freeing them to focus on initiatives that lead to their success.

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