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Making the Most of Events and Trade Shows: Part 2

While many organizations participate in trade shows and other events throughout the year, they often fail to recognize the total cost of participation. That means they
can’t truly know the return on their trade show or event investment.

To get a more accurate picture of the dollars being spent, here is a quick list of budget items to consider when establishing the total cost of participation:Promotional Items/Branded Merchandise

  1. Sponsorship/Space Rental
  2. Display/Signage
  3. Marketing Materials/Collateral
  4. Freight & Shipping
  5. On-site Services (electricity, setup)
  6. Pre-Show Promotions
  7. At-Event Promotions
  8. Hospitality/Client Entertainment
  9. Reimbursable Staff Expenses
  10. Miscellaneous (10-15% of total for items listed above)
  11. Staff Travel, Meals & Accommodations

While not all line items may apply for each conference or event you participate in, detailing all of the direct and indirect expenses associated with each will help you determine which events contribute to your success and which you may want to reconsider.

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