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You Can Lead Through Change

Originally Posted April 15, 2013 at

I recently experienced a case of change resistance. My company spent thousands of dollars to implement a project management system that would track client jobs, as well as time and expense toward these jobs. The system would provide visibility into who was working on a job and how many resources were being applied to that specific job. There was just one problem. It required change.

In a two-part series, Promotional Consultant Today takes a brief look at change management and why it’s important to business.

Change—it has amazing stopping power, doesn’t it? The very mention of change will get people digging their heels in to protect how they currently do business. When we undergo change there are three basic phases involved. Each one has an effect on our ability to make the change successful.

The “current” phase is our comfort zone where we perform our day-to-day activities with confidence. We understand the workflow processes, how to multitask and anticipate the pace of the work. Our sense of worth, productivity, value and status are recognized from being competent in our role in this phase.

Next is the “action” phase where we begin to develop new behaviors, values and attitudes. We are now being asked and asking employees to look at performing our work differently, which will disrupt the current way of doing things. We aren’t as sure of the outcomes of our work in the action phase.

Finally we move into the “new” phase, which is the final stage of crystallizing our thoughts and adaptation of ownership to the new change. The new phase is where we will be working in the future. We have questions as we enter this new phase: Will we be recognized for our contributions? Will we have the ability to provide input and have a share of voice? Will we be able to provide value and be flexible?

When you understand the three phases of change and how to navigate through them, then you can be successful in moving through change to reach your objectives.

Source: Chuck Inman is a leadership and emotional intelligence specialist. He is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach and founder of Crystal Clear Motivation, LLC. His leading-edge keynote, “Leadership C.L.O.U.T.—Improving Communication Skills & Strengthening Teams,” is a dynamic program that addresses leaders’ key challenges in today’s world. He has traveled across multiple continents and presented his programs to people from more than 40 different countries.

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