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Keeping Kaye-Smith among the safest workplaces in the state!

Washington State Labor and Industries (L&I) is a diverse state agency dedicated to the safety, health and security of Washington’s 3.2 million workers. They help employers meet safety and health standards and they inspect workplaces periodically.

Last month, a representative of Washington State L&I conducted an on-site audit of the Renton Kaye-Smith facility. These visits are never announced in advance and are used to ensure that safe workplace practices are used on an everyday basis.

The auditor toured the facility with Operations Manager Mike Meyers. During the tour, he interviewed several key managers and randomly-selected employees. He was very impressed with the safety knowledge of everyone he spoke with. He was especially impressed by the Safety Committee members. In his opinion, their level of participation in the overall safety effort at Kaye-Smith was exemplary. He made the point of telling Safety Committee member Larry Young to be sure to pass on his congratulations to the entire committee for a job well done.

As part of the process, the auditor obtained and reviewed copies of the monthly OSHA reports and Safety Committee meeting minutes. In addition to the physical inspection of the facility, the auditor also inspected the company’s safety boards to be sure they met state guidelines and included all the necessary documentation.

The auditor also commented to Kaye-Smith’s Safety Manager, Joe Stevens, that he has seldom seen such an effective commitment to safety as the model Kaye-Smith has in place. He specifically pointed out that he seldom sees the fire extinguishers signed off every month, as we do at Kaye-Smith. Joe informed him that this was one of the quality control requirements of the Safety Committee members when they perform their monthly walk-through inspections.

The auditor left Kaye-Smith very impressed, but we had to wait for the final report to know just how impressed he was! The final report arrived two weeks later and was very clean. The only citation was for an incident that was corrected during the audit tour. There were no fines assessed to Kaye-Smith. Given the current state budget shortfalls, this was quite an accomplishment!

Why is this news important to you and Kaye-Smith? Two reasons:

1) It helps ensure our L&I insurance rates remain low.
2) It confirms Kaye-Smith is among the safest workplaces in the state.

Joe Stevens would like to thank the employees and management for their commitment to having one of the safest work environments in the state at Kaye-Smith!

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