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Kaye-Smith develops “house” prescription base stock

Responding to new federal and state guidelines mandating prescription pad and paper security features, Kaye-Smith Production has developed a series of standard “house” prescription sheets.

The new state law was signed by the governor in 2009 requiring prescriptions written in Washington be on tamper resistant paper or pads (TRPP) approved by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy. Beginning July 1, 2010, all medication prescriptions hand-delivered to a pharmacy must have the new look. The Washington State Board of Pharmacy approved Kaye-Smith as a vendor of board-approved tamper-resistant prescription paper and pads.

“We wanted a product that met the new guidelines, as well as provided quality and value to our customers,” said Mike Meyers, Kaye-Smith Operations Manager. “These standard sheets are manufactured and stored in inventory, ready for imprinting.”

Currently, two versions are offered: a full letter-sized sheet and a four-up version which finishes to 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches, after imprinting.

The Kaye-Smith prescription house sheets include the following security features: visible watermark; thermochromatic ink which reacts to touch; chemical void alteration feature capable of revealing tamper attempts; reversed Rx symbol in the pantograph screen; toner adhesion agents to deter erasures; and large paper fibers visible under UV light sources.

The sheet products can be imprinted with custom information using standard sheetfed offset or digital production methods.

See Jim McClure or Mike Meyers to view samples and discuss options.

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