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Introducing New Team Member Patti Morisset! Creative Merchandise Director / Branded Merchandise

Kaye-Smith is pleased to announce a new member of our team, Patti Morisset, who joins Kaye-Smith as our Creative Merchandise Director. Patti brings over twenty years of experience in the branded merchandise industry, including work with BD&A on accounts such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Bank of America.

“A missed opportunity with branded merchandise is thinking of them as nothing more than swag or freebies or giveaways,” Patti said. “You need to consider how the product will represent your brand in the mind of your customers and prospects. What’s its utility? How will it get used? How will your merchandise support your marketing goals, your trade show goals or your brand building programs?”

Advertising specialties, branded merchandise, promotional products; whatever you call them, branded marketing products are an effective, and often overlooked, marketing channel that delivers results when carefully executed as part of your overall marketing mix. But, to realize the maximum benefit from your programs, you need to choose the right product for your brand and customers. Here are three ideas to help you choose what products will offer the best return:

  1. Make sure it supports your marketing message, adheres to your brand standards and helps differentiate your company.
  2. Personalize it. While we all like to see our logo, today’s technology can let you put your prospect or customers’ favorite thing – their own name – on your promotional products.
  3. Choose items that your customers or prospects will keep and use where they make decisions about using your products or services.

For Kaye-Smith clients who are considering incorporating branded merchandise into their marketing mix, Patti will be a great resource to help them ensure their merchandise strategy supports their overall marketing objectives.

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