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Green looks good on Kaye-Smith!

In June of 2008 Kaye-Smith was certified by the SmartWood Program of the Rainforest Alliance to the FSC Chain of Custody Standards. This certification is for a five year period. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the internationally recognized standard setting body that accredits and monitors forestry certifiers worldwide.

In order to keep our certification current we must pass an annual on-site audit from SmartWood. Our audit this year was July 7th. The auditor reviewed our internal procedures to insure we are still in compliance with the SmartWood FSC Chain of Custody standards. He also audited the workflow and paperwork for three randomly chosen FSC certified jobs previously produced by Kaye-Smith.

Kaye-Smith passed the annual audit with flying colors (predominately green). The auditor was very impressed with how organized Kaye-Smith is in regards to the FSC Certification. His comment: “With most operations I spend 80% of my time helping them find their required paperwork and revising their procedures. It is a pleasure to audit a company as organized as Kaye-Smith. Job well done!”

True to form, the auditor did have a few CARs (Corrective Action Required) to report. He requested that in addition to having Kaye-Smith’s COC # (SW-COC-003166) on the invoice to the client, the BOL, packing slips and the carton labels we also include the FSC Product Claim Code ( FSC Mixed, FSC Pure or FSC Recycled).  Our internal procedures were revised to account for this and the departments were notified.

To recap what FSC Certification is, it is a system for tracking certified wood from the forest, through each stage of production and distribution, to the point of sale. It assures that public that the wood or paper products bearing the FSC label were produced from a certified, well-managed forest.

This is another example that Kaye-Smith is doing their part in being environmentally friendly.

Many thanks to all the individuals who helped make a lasting impression on the FSC auditor! Job well done!

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