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Direct Mail: Is it Right for Your Business?

While so much of our life happens online these days, companies wonder if direct mail is still a viable marketing approach. At Kaye-Smith, we recognize that every business has unique goals. To support our clients’ diverse business plans, we have compiled a few direct mail pros and cons.

One of the advantages of direct mail is that it is highly targeted. Companies can use key demographics like age, gender, household size, and income to customize their mailers. Direct mail can be highly effective if the content and offer are relevant to the recipients. For example, many financial companies still rely on direct mail to gain new middle aged clients. Nonprofits seeking donations might do well sending mailers to older, wealthier individuals. Businesses that cater to families would be wise to send special offers to households with children.

In terms of company-specific information, the money spent on direct mail can reap great rewards. Through brochures and fliers, you can provide a wealth of information about your company, products, services, and community involvement, etc. Creativity is key in making direct mail readable. Graphics and packaging also contribute to the overall visual appeal of direct marketing. Internet advertising isn’t long lasting, but a tangible paper can last for years as a reference point.

Direct mail is also easy to track. Most direct mail provides an order form or application, so companies get a fairly precise measure of their ROI. Direct mail does have a few downsides, some of which are out of the hands of any direct marketing company. For instance, postage prices continue to go up meaning higher shipping expenses for businesses. Direct mail can also be ignored, which is why the packaging, content, and design of the mail is so crucial.

Smart organizations invest in multi-channel marketing to make sure they reach their target audience through strategic mediums online and offline with direct mailing. Working with a direct marketing company can help you bolster your marketing campaign by taking advantage of multiple marketable avenues. At Kaye-Smith, we work with your creative agency or your internal staff to execute your multi-channel marketing campaign effectively.

For companies with limited resources, Kaye-Smith offers graphic design, production art, photography, full spectrum of digital and offset printing, online proofing and much more. Our data programmers can also help you develop and manage your data for maximum effectiveness. We are also one of the region’s largest mail processors with expertise that can save you money on postage.


Contact us today to find out how we can help make your direct mail campaign a success.


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