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Five Components of Great Business Branding

In the world of business, your brand is everything. It tells the world who you are as a company and what you offer to them. A memorable branding scheme can do a world of wonders for keeping you first and foremost in the mind of your potential and existing customer base, but it all comes down to being able to promote your brand effectively. You can have the best business in the world, but without a strong brand name to back it up, you’ll have difficulty convincing people why they should use your company’s products or services.

Business Name:

If you take a look at many of the most successful brand names out there today like Nike and Red Bull, the one thing they have in common is that they have a very catchy brand name. It’s simple, to the point and easy to remember, ensuring that it’s likely to stay in people’s minds when they think about the product that the company sells, whether it’s shoes or energy drinks.


Again, many successful brand names are immediately recognized simply by their logo, because it draws attention and is immediately recognizable as that company’s logo. It serves to not only set that company aside from its competitor s but even when the company name is not attached to the logo, it is still recognizable who it belongs to. In many cases, it can even be a clever tie-in to the product, as with Nike being named for the Greek goddess of victory while Red Bull contains taurine, which is named after the Latin word Taurus (bull).


The slogan for your company should not only give the customer an idea of what principles you want to embody as a company (Allstate’s “You’re In Good Hands”, for instance) – it also serves as yet another immediately-recognizable reminder of who your company is. It rolls right off the tongue and sticks in your mind so you’re more likely to remember that company over another one.

Promotional Products:

While you might not be able to simply place your logo, company name and slogan on every product or service you offer to identify it as yours, that doesn’t stop you from attaching it to other products you don’t necessarily sell. Promotional hats, promotional shirts, promotional mugs other related items are all effective ways of spreading awareness of your brand. If someone wears a shirt with your company logo, name and slogan on a busy street – that in itself helps spread awareness of your brand since people will be seeing it and taking note of it.


Equally important along with everything else above – your company website is tied into your brand, especially in the age of the Internet. It should help drive awareness of your brand by telling visitors who you are and what you have to offer them, further reinforcing the image of your brand as associated with the product or service you offer. Sara Fletcher is a professional blogger who writes on a variety of topics, ranging from business, SEO, and social media. She loves to learn about small business tips, and is always looking for the next writing opportunity.


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