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Annual FSC® certification audit slated for early July

In June 2008 Kaye-Smith was certified by the Rainforest Alliance to the FSC® Chain of Custody standards. This certification is for a five year period. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is the internationally recognized standard setting body that accredits and monitors forestry certifiers worldwide.

What is FSC Certification? It is a system for tracking certified wood from the forest, through each stage of production and distribution, to the point of sale. It assures the public that the wood or paper products bearing the FSC label were produced from a certified “Well Managed” forest.

This is another example that Kaye-Smith is doing its part in being environmentally friendly. As a result, you may have seen the following labels on client products where FSC certified stock is requested.

In order to keep our certification current we must pass an annual on-site audit from Rainforest Alliance. Our audit this year will be during the week of July 5th. The auditor will visit both the Oakesdale and the Portland facilities, reviewing our internal procedures to insure we are still in compliance with the Rainforest Alliance FSC Chain of Custody standards.

To prepare for our audit, all department managers will be reviewing their internal department FSC procedures with me to insure that the procedures are in compliance. In addition to this, each department manager will conduct an internal audit of their department to be sure that their team is up to speed with their current department FSC procedures.

“I will also be reviewing the overall Kaye-Smith FSC procedures to be sure no adjustments are necessary,” said Joe. “This is a very important step as the Rainforest Alliance FSC Chain of Custody standards are being revised constantly to keep up with the changing world.”

Jim McClure, who is responsible for the correct use of the FSC and Rainforest Alliance logos will be reviewing the logo usage requirements to be sure Kaye-Smith stays within compliance in their uses on product packaging and within marketing efforts.

Please contact your department supervisor or manager if you have any concerns on how this audit will affect you.

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