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Affording School Supplies Can Be a Struggle

Most schools will be back in session by the end of August and early September. For far too many of our neighbors, that can mean struggling to find a way to afford an ever-growing list of school supplies for their children.

There are many ways to help students who can’t afford the long list of school supplies. The best place to start is by reaching out to your local school district and Parent/Teacher/Student Association groups (PTSA). Many of them offer programs to assist students who need help getting the supplies they need. And there are several organizations that have programs to help. For example:

In Portland, a place to start is Schoolhouse Supplies.

In Western Washington, Hopelink collects donated supplies and accepts contributions to purchase them.

As always, if you choose to donate through a non-profit organization, be sure you check them out before you contribute to them.

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