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A Letter from Alex Smith, Kaye-Smith CEO and Owner

April historically has provided good fortune for Kaye-Smith and me.  We acquired Lothrop Business Forms in April, Opening Day of baseball is usually in April, my wife and I were married in April. This April not so much. We are told this month will be pretty rough on most Americans and others around the world; it breaks my heart to hear the stories of healthcare frontline caregivers and to see the growing lines of cars at food banks. I feel a deep gratitude to those that serve in these jobs.

I also wish to share my gratitude for those of you who work at Kaye-Smith.  I wish to thank you for coming to work and performing your job duties as you have always done. Being an essential service is important to our customers as well; our contact at Children’s Hospital sent our team a thank you note for continuing to take care of their billing statements.

The worst of times can bring out the best in people and that comes from the heart. It is okay to be scared and anxious at times; I have been as well, but then I realize this isn’t the time to be afraid. It is the time to be tough and resilient and to help others that can’t help themselves. We will demonstrate this by taking care of business and making donations to food banks, hospitals and other front-line responders through the Lester & Bernice Smith Foundation.

We will not fail, we will get through this and emerge stronger by next April.

Thank you,
Alex Smith
CEO & Owner

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