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A Guide to Corporate Gift-Giving

Although the weather is still warm(ish), and there are plenty of leaves that haven’t even changed color yet, in the world of promotional merchandise it’s starting to look a lot like the holiday season. The holidays are frequently the time of year that companies show their appreciation for employees and clients, and it’s a golden opportunity to demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity. So now, while pumpkin displays are still fresh, is the time that businesses should be thinking about corporate gift needs.

Some suggestions to ensure that your gift-giving efforts are successful:

• Don’t skimp on quality. It’s better to buy a lower-priced item of very good quality than something that costs more but isn’t made as well. For instance, if you’re trying to decide between corporate t-shirts and hoodies, and your budget will only allow for an entry-level hoodie, go with a high quality t-shirt. The recipient is much more likely to wear and enjoy it.

• Get creative. Sure, a water bottle is always useful, but it’s likely that most people have at least a couple of those already. A unique gift shows a personal touch.

• But don’t forget to be practical. While a fancy plate might look lovely, how likely is it that the recipient will actually use it? We’ve all received the gift that just takes up space (until it gets given away, tossed, or just forgotten).

• Remember the packaging. A gift that is wrapped nicely makes a much better impression than one that is not.

• Be sensitive to cultural differences or customs that could make certain gifts inappropriate or awkward.

• Be aware of corporate policies that could restrict gift-giving (for instance, some companies do not allow employees to receive gifts from vendors).

• If at all possible, deliver your gift in person.

Remember, any gift is a reflection of your company. Make sure yours reflects your company in a positive light.

In need of some gift-giving inspiration? Check out our idea showroom here.

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