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3 Reasons to Encourage Your Team to Sport Branded Apparel

Marketing your business in this day and age can be tricky–in no small part because consumers are wary of companies with insincere or aggressive sales methods. That’s why word-of-mouth advertising is still the holy grail of marketing. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations made by friends and family above all other kinds of advertising.

Branded apparel is an excellent method of spreading awareness of your brand or company. A well-designed branded item creates opportunity to pique interest in your brand and, subsequently, have a conversation about it. Here are three reasons to encourage your team to sport branded apparel:

  1. It creates buzz about your company.
    If you have well-designed branded apparel with an interesting logo or witty slogan, people will approach you about your company instead of you pitching to them. The more people see your name, the wider your impact and the more conversations about your company you can start.
  1. It makes an impression about your culture.
    While the company name and logo are the most important elements of branded merchandise, the look and feel of branded apparel communicates an important message about your culture and identity. Branded polo shirts might suggest your company’s culture is buttoned-up and professional, while a branded T-shirt promotes a more casual image.
  1. It creates camaraderie.
    Branded apparel can make staff feel they are part of a team. Particularly at a corporate event or tradeshow, branded apparel unifies otherwise scattered members of your organization. For companies that uses many consultants or companies that have offices all over the country, branded apparel provides some unity.

Remember to take into consideration the unique qualities of your employees when designing your branded apparel. Women might not wear a men’s polo shirt, whereas younger employees might prefer a T-shirt or cool branded fleece.

Considering how inexpensive branded apparel is compared to other traditional forms of advertising, the ROI of branded apparel can be significant. In fact, more companies are investing in wearables than any other category of promotional products, according to data from Promotional Products Association International.

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