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Risky Business for In-House Operations/Small Print Shops

In-house operations and smaller sized print and mail service providers seem to be trying to ignore the risks associated with privacy breaches and document security. Discussing the data security of their document operation does not seem to be a hot issue for them. This is somewhat baffling because in-house and smaller shops are some of the most vulnerable organizations.  Repairing the damage caused by a security incident can be devastating.

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Melissa Hathaway Presents: Cybersecurity: Are You Winning or Losing?

During the Global Policy Forum that took place on June 11, Melissa Hathaway delivered a presentation about vulnerabilities a global digital marketplace introduces. As a former Director of the Joint Interagency Cyber Task force, Hathaway has a long career of analyzing and protecting digital infrastructures. In addition to her current role as president of her own consulting firm, Hathaway Global Strategies LLC, she is also the senior advisor on Project MINERVA at the Harvard Kennedy School; and advisor to the technology giant, Cisco.

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