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The 2014 Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner…

Corporate gifts and promotional products are a marketing investment. You can strengthen relationships with your best customers, improve relationships with marginal customers and encourage those all-important second purchases from new customers with strategic brand marketing.

To build loyalty, drive brand awareness and create positive word-of-mouth, a thoughtful gift can be just the right touch to let your clients and customers know that their business is appreciated.

Research shows the most appreciated and effective items are those that get used. Every time your customers reach for the promo items, your brand will be front and center, keeping you top-of-mind and making a positive impression.

The gift you give is a reflection of your brand and a reflection on the value you place on the business relationship. A small gift can be of good quality. And, if you take the time to package it nicely and include a personalized note, the perceived quality and value is increased.

Ordering early means your gift will be one of the first received during the holidays and ensures your customer won’t be out of the office when your gift arrives.

Our marketing solutions will help you foster long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients. Explore our showroom of ideas and get started on your holiday gift giving with Kaye-Smith.

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